Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Return to the Blogosphere

I've officially awaken from my blogging slumber! It was hard to stay away for so long, but I needed to focus on completing my undergraduate degree! Just some quick updates...

I had two great Thanksgiving dinners- one with my family and one with Marc's. I love all the dishes of a Thanksgiving dinner, and wish I could eat them all year round!
On the left is the lovely centerpiece Marc brought to my house.

But the BIG NEWS is that I GRADUATED! Finally, finally, finally.
(Sorry about the photo quality!)

My family, including Marc and my aunt and uncle came to celebrate. We had a graduation dinner at Ella in Sacramento, which I HIGHLY recommend. The tuna carpaccio I had was topped with an assortment of herbs such as dill, mint, and cilantro, mustard dressing, and a poached egg. A flavorful combination. I also recommend the hazelnut gnocchi! The following morning we went to Zocalo for Mexican brunch... another excellent restaurant.

Feels good to be back!


  1. hazelnut gnocchi! wow! sounds delish. never seen that on a menu before!

  2. poached egg reminds me of val. because one day i will poach her eggs.