Thursday, April 1, 2010

Topaz Spotlight- Susan Sarandon

Deep admiration goes out to actor Susan Sarandon, who is sixty-three, recently single, and still going strong. I usually am ambivalent about celebrity gossip, but I did read her featured article in Entertainment Weekly- get the highlights here. Sarandon owns a ping pong (yes, ping pong!) club in New York called SPiN, and is rumored to have five movies coming out this year! Last spring I saw her on Broadway in Exit the King with Geoffrey Rush, and was lucky enough to acquire autographs from the entire cast. I just recently got the Playbill framed... It's going to make a lovely wall edition. Here are some trailers to her upcoming movies.

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  1. Susan Sarandon ages like a vintage bottle of wine. She is amazing. Strong and Fearless!!