Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skin by Chanel

Has skin become the latest fashion accessory? Ryan Mc Sorley has designed a smooth pebble-shaped skin care box set, complete with toner, cleanser, etc. This seemed completely normal until I realized that it also comes with a headband that imprints the Chanel logo into your forehead. This imprint shows the public that you use Chanel Skincare, and only Chanel Skincare. It's like when the label from your blouse accidentally sticks out in the back... except this is on your forehead. Does anyone else think that the headband would be incredibly uncomfortable to wear at night?


"Just as we can define ourselves through the brands of clothing we wear, or the brand of mobile phone we have, we can now define ourselves by the brand of skincare product we use. If you are using skincare by Chanel, you want people to know that your skin is by Chanel, in the same way that Chanel handbags have clear branding, why shouldn’t our skin.”
-Ryan Mc Sorley