Monday, January 25, 2010

Would you eat it?

I came across these cookies inspired by Lady Gaga's flamboyant wardrobe, and thought they were clever. Would you take a bite out of this pop artist?

I'm not a big fan a pop music. Actually that's an understatement... I'm not a fan of pop music at all. Buuuut I'll give Lady Gaga some credit for having genuine talent, outrageous creativity, and knowing how to please an audience. Apparently she attended Tisch! Girlfriend milks her fame for all it's worth. (I would too!) All in all... I'd eat that.

Lady Gaga Cookies
Lady Gaga Cookie
Lady Gaga Cookie

ps- Check out this video of Stefani Germanotta during her "pre-Gaga" days.

pps- I can't get Bad Romance out of my head.

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