Friday, February 12, 2010


It feels weird to say that I've graduated almost two months ago! You may ask what I've been doing with my time, besides taking a lot of weekend trips. I've been working at a non-profit organization called Zambaleta- a world music, dance and yoga school located in San Francisco's Mission District. We just opened in October of 2009, so we're in the process of building our community, and acquiring dance and yoga instructors. It's my job to create an online presence for Zambaleta, so you can help me out by checking out Zambaleta's Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. We offer all sorts of amazing classes, catered to every skill level.

March 6th is our Carnaval event, which is a 12 hour jam session with food, drinks and dancing all day. We're celebrating the opening of our dance and yoga studio as well as our cafe! It's also completely free. Come by if you want to jam, or get involved with our community!


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